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  Three complete sets of the manuscript must be submitted. The manuscript should be typeset simple-spaced, with margins of 2.5 cm at top, bottom and sides and should be typed on one side page (A4 format) Times New Roman 12.
The layout should be arranged as follow: title, abstracts are required in English, French and Arabic, Introduction, materials and methods, results and discussion, acknowledgments, references, tables, figure, legends, figures. The total length of the manuscript should not exceed the equivalent of 15 pages.
Tables should be cited in Arabic numeric order in the manuscript. Abbreviations are accepted and must be explained in footnotes. Figures should be also presented in Arabic numeric order in the manuscript.
In the literature cited, references must be reported in their original language. They should be numbered and arranged in alphabetical order, with author last names, their initials, publication year, title, journal or other source, volume and page numbers. Examples below must be followed:


Article in a journal
Lakhoua H. 1997. Quelques réflexions sur le développement de l’agrumiculture en Tunisie. Annales de l’INRAT. 71: 179-198.
Iqbal M.J., Aziz N., Saeed N.A., Zafar Y., Malik K.A. 1997. Genetic diversity of some elite cotton varieties by RAPD analysis. Theoretical and Applied Genetics. 94: 139-144.
Kravchenko, A.N., Robertson, G.R., Snap, S.S., Smucker, A.J.M., 2006. Using information about spatial variability to improve estimate of total soil carbon. Agronomy Journal. 98 3:823-829.

Gillet M. 1980. Les graminées fourragères. Description, fonctionnement, application à la culture de l'herbe. Ed. Bordas, Paris, 306p.
Sneath P.H., Sokal R.R. 1973. Numerical Taxonomy. Freeman, San Francisco, 573p.

Chapiter in a book
Rajaram S.,VanGinkle M. 2001. Mexico, 50 years ofinternational wheatbreeding.In: The World Wheat Book. A History of Wheat Breeding. Bonjean A.P., Angus W.J. Eds. Lavoisier Publishing. Paris. 579- 604.
Torp A.M., Andersen S.B. 2009. Albinism in microspore culture.In: Advances in haploid production in higher plants. Touraev A., Forster B.P., Jain S.M., Eds. Springer. The Netherlands. 155-160.

Winefield C., Cartwright, J., Mitchell N., Trought M., Jordan B. 2006. Characterization of the biochemical pathway responsible for the formation of glutathione-aroma compound conjugates from Sauvignon blanc grapes. In: Proc. 8th International Congress of Plant Molecular Biology. Adelaide, Australia.
Fernandez G.C.J., 1992. Effective selection criteria for assessing stress tolerance. In: Kuo C.G., Ed., Proceedings of the International Symposium on Adaptation of Vegetablesand Other Food Crops in Temperature and Water Stress. Tainan, Taiwan.

Kheffache Y. 1997. Politique des prix agricoles et systèmes de production en zone semi-aride : le cas de la céréaliculture algérienne. Thèse de doctorat, Université de Montpellier I, 255 p.
Tahir M.S. 2001. Reaction of different wheat Triticumaestivum L. genotypes in response to salt stress and genetic mapping of QTL for salt tolerance using AFLP markers. Ph.D. Thesis, University of Keil, Germany.

Electronic document
Laurent C., Mouriaux M.F. 1999. La multifonctionnalité agricole dans le champ de la pluriactivité. Lettre du Centre d’Etudes de l’Emploi, octobre 1999 :59,1-10. Disponible sur: lettre59.pdf.
National Academic of Sciences. 2001. Astronomy and astrophysics in the new millennium. Washington : National Academic Press. Available on:

Once the manuscript has been accepted by the two reviewers, the corresponding author is requested to forward by e-mail the revised manuscript and the certificate of authors' rights. A Certificate of Acceptance of the article will be delivered to authors.

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